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Love your life,
a lot of the time.

An online course rooted in science &
human story — to empower you with real
tools to find connection, meaning & joy.

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Love your life, a lot of the time.

An online course rooted in science & human story — to empower you with real tools to find connection, meaning & joy.

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Ever thought about life and asked yourself,

Life is filled with possibilities for joy, connection and purpose.

How do we tap into all the goodness that life offers?

Life asks us for intention and curiosity.

And we need to bring resilience, learned knowledge and meaningful action to the table too.


That’s where we
(us and you) come in.

We’ll show you how to unlock your strengths, so you can get the most outta life.

What? Your dog doesn’t deserve to be happy too?!













A Toolkit to Thrive

All The Happier is a 6-module, live online course designed to give you the tools to overcome that thing.

Constant (or near constant) stress, anxiety, depression, fear, inertia, the feeling of languishing, a lack of purpose or connection with others —the blahs. Whatever it is that’s stealing your sunshine.

Consider this course a toolkit to thrive in modern day life. We pair the principles of positive psychology with real stories of human transformation, to teach you how to live life with less fear, less stress, less… meh.

It’s not “happyology”
it’s science.

Our curriculum is science based and practical — not the latest
self development trends. We offer no false promises, no great
secrets, no magic tricks. Just research-based methods and
know-how to empower you for more joy.

Wellbeing Rooted in Science, Proven in Story. 

Let’s do it

Step 1

Identify your strengths, values and purpose.

Step 2

Cultivate the good stuff — vitality, curiosity, resilience.

Step 3

Grow alongside others.

Step 4

Apply the science in your daily life.

Step 5

Create a life you love.

The details

  • 6 lessons
  • 6 weeks
  • Live online (in a group of great humans)
  • 75 minutes a week
  • Starting October 13th
  • Every Wednesday 6 weeks
  • 10 am PST/12 pm CST/1 pm EST
  • Actionable goals and worksheets, check-ins and support from lesson to lesson


100% refundable for 3 days. Just in case.

Returning early in the New Year!


The 6 Course Modules

Super skills

  • What makes people great
  • What makes you great
  • How to optimize your strengths

Core values

  • What do you stand for?
  • Which you do you want to be?
  • Align actions with values


  • Your brain – body connection
  • Factors that impact your health
  • Know & use your vitality formula


  • Beyond you — building joy with others
  • The science of connection
  • Nurture meaningful relationships


  • Positivity — the scientific take
  • Positive emotion & physical health
  • Build a happier you


  • The science of change
  • Clarify your goals
  • Move forward and thrive

Create a life you love.

Let’s Do It

What’s a life well lived?

It’s one that’s filled with purpose, fulfillment, love… all those things that make us wake up looking forward to the day. But let’s be honest for a minute. It ain’t like that all the time.

That’s okay. Sometimes we’ve gotta take the hits and learn the lessons. That’s if we choose to get up and try again.

You’ve already made that choice, though.

Story + Science: a
powerful duo

These two are closer friends than you’d first think. It’s through stories that we make sense of our human experience. And it’s through science that we understand the why behind these stories.

We’re here to show you that you can make things better.

By equipping yourself with research-based principles of positive psychology, and by witnessing their power in the stories we’ve collected, you can maximize your strengths, unlock possibilities for your future, and nurture more meaningful relationships with the people and things that matter most.

All the Happier teaches you to approach setbacks and hurdles with curiosity and clarity, not with fear or anger.

You can thrive, a lot of the time.

Discover your strengths.
Leverage them for joy.

This is all about you and the story you’re writing –the work you’re doing. You’re the most important ingredient, because you’ve got your own magic. It’s just waiting to be discovered.

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But who are we and why are we here?

Hi! We’re Kimi Culp and Christy Peterson.

We’ve been there, done it, and have a whole wardrobe of t-shirts to show for it. We’ve been friends since we were little kids, and at times we’ve struggled — a lot. Diagnoses, traumatic experiences, periods of just surviving.

But that’s not our whole story. We’ve studied the science of well-being, and learned first-hand the stories of inspirational human beings who overcame. From our individual work and our journey together, we’ve learned to embrace the positive, lean into the negative, and shape more whole versions of ourselves.

Now we want to share all we’ve learned with you.

We don’t believe that people are limited by their setbacks. We weren’t. Neither are you.

Kimi Culp

(the story one)

Kimi lives for stories. The creator of the All The Wiser podcast and a former TV and film producer, she’s spent decades travelling the world interviewing ordinary people who have done extraordinary things, sharing their stories and lessons with her audience. She also has Bipolar Disorder, and was once ashamed of it. But she’s learned to live with it, learned to dance with it, learned to thrive with it. She’s recognised that it’s just a piece of her, not all that she is. She wants to share great stories of human transformation to prove that we too can overcome setbacks, no matter how big, and that we can always flourish.

Christy Peterson

(the science one)

Christy is driven by the belief that everyone has the potential to grow and thrive. She’s seen it first hand in her 15 years as a public defender — heartbreaking stories, breathtaking resilience, human courage at its most meaningful. Maybe it’s the lawyer in her, but she also believes in using proveable measures to create change, not just the latest trends. At the age of 40, she commuted 3,000 miles to earn a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. There she studied the philosophy of how people desire to lead purposeful lives, tap into their innate strengths, and have deep, fulfilling experiences in their relationships, work, and play. Christy is determined to equip people with evidence-based tools to help them achieve this.

Unlock the possibilities within you.

Apply the science to cultivate your strengths
and discover what helps you thrive.

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How often do you offer this course?

Twice per year.

What’s your return policy?

You can receive a full refund within three days of your first session. It’s unlikely that you’ll want it, but we know that life gets in the way sometime. 

What’s the difference between positive psychology and toxic positivity?

There’s all the difference in the world. Positive psychology acknowledges negative emotions, whereas toxic positivity buries negativity, allowing it to ultimately become harmful. Learning the pillars of positive psychology can help you to look on the bright side, to be more optimistic, without becoming unrealistic. 

What if I miss a session? Can I watch it later?

Being there in person is the best approach, allowing you to grow alongside others. But if you do miss a session, we can send you a video recording so you can catch up ahead of the next group session. 

What about when the course is over? Do you save the recordings?

Recordings are available for you to watch (or re-watch) for three months after the end of your course.

I already have a therapist. Is this course for me?

Sure! All The Happier is not a replacement for therapy. We’re glad that you’re seeing someone that can help you, and our course can teach you new skills and complement your therapy. 

What technology do I need to join the sessions?

Your computer, smartphone or tablet is all you need. You’ll receive a Zoom meeting invite ahead of every session. Just click the link and join.